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New Warranty!!

6month/6,000mile Warranty
When you make a purchase MOST of our vehicles have a 6month/6k powertrain warranty!!


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We appreciate you visiting our main page if you need to speak with one of our professional sales representatives please click on the call button below and you will be connected immediately! Your questions will be answered as soon as possible..Thanks

Call Us!: (406)752-5511

Refer A Friend

Here at Montana Auto Center we value all our customers- friends which we do business with on a daily basis. We advertise and advertise month-to-month, but the most successful way to advertise is by word of mouth, so what we do is not only take care of our clients after the sale, but we take care of their friends as well through our referral program we like to call, refer a friend and what we do is give 50$ to the person who refers anyone to our dealership that purchases a vehicle. Please let your sales Representative know you have been referred by someone when you come in thanks!!!    Management....

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